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7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for your Company Event

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Company events can be a great way to announce new product lines, celebrate the successes of your business, or to treat your clients with an experience they will never forget. At these events, important memories will be made that can further enhance your brand. Capturing these moments and how they relate to your brand can be tricky. Below are 7 reasons why hiring a professional corporate photographer to cover your event will be beneficial.

Reason #1: A professional photographer knows how to work the room.

A professional photographer is aware of their space and surroundings. When they are shooting at your event, they blend in and stay relatively unnoticed, allowing them to photograph real un-staged moments. While working the room, they are capturing the event’s highlights, the key people, and all the small details that make your event so great and aligned with your company’s brand.

Reason #2: A professional photographer is respectful.

Your photographer shows the utmost respect for your guests, employees, and other vendors. Guests will not feel like they are being imposed upon or their conversations interrupted. They also work well with others to ensure your event is a success without getting in the way or causing unwanted delays.

Reason #3: Event photos can be promoted through social media and other digital and online channels.

Your event photos can be uploaded to your social media sites as soon as they are captured so there is no need to wait until the end of the night to postevent updates. Photos can be transferred to you for sharing on your social media and website pages by your professional photographer to one of your designated employees responsible for updating social content, as the event unfolds in real time.

Reason #4: Event photos can be used for advertising.

You can use the event photos for various advertising campaigns which is another great bonus when using a professional. For instance, if you are releasing a new product, imagine how many great shots will be captured of your new product that can then be used to put together digital and print media advertising materials.

Reason #5: You get beautiful, stunning, and high-quality pictures.

Professional photographers have access to the best cameras, lenses, and technologies to capture your event. Working in low light environments is no longer an issue, and many times events can be covered without the use of flash. This results in a high-quality, polished and professional set of images that can be used to enhance your brand.

Reason #6: A professional photographer captures creative angles.

Creative angles and interesting points of view make your pictures more memorable and engaging. If you’re looking for unforgettable images with a focus on how your customers will experience your brand, and what is important to them, hiring a professional is essential.

Reason #7: Hiring a professional photographer is an investment.

Hiring a professional should be viewed as an investment that will deliver a decent ROI (return on investment). If you choose the best photographer, you can use the pictures for a wide range of purposes, including marketing and promotional content.

To find out more about hiring a professional photographer in the GTA for your next company event, please feel free to contact Nick Menzies Photography at (416) 560-1112.

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